The Pinstop solves an age-old problem for cellists. It is reliable, works beautifully on practically any surface, and fits easily in any pocket.

Of all the devices I have tried, this is the only one that works.

Frederick Zlotkin

Solo Cellist, New York City Ballet Orchestra

"...master of his instrument" New York Times

Of all the different endpin stopper things I've tried over the years - and that is a fair number of them - the Pinstop definitely ranks at the top of the heap!

Corbin Keep

New Directions Cello Association

The Pinstop has worked beautifully. I have used it on concrete, wood and marble-like flooring with absolutely no problems.

Steven Pologe

Professor of Cello

University of Oregon

I was interested in the potential acoustic benefits of the Pinstop. My experience has been that the plastic Pinstop enhances resonance, closer to the acoustics of a hardwood surface. And such a simple design, easy to carry, store and use.

Chris Dungey

Cello Maker

As a cellist and cello teacher, I have tried a lot of end pin holders in the past 30 years. The great advantage of the Pinstop is the adhesive. It really sticks on all kinds of floor surfaces, even when they aren't completely clean. It has been a life-saver at church or school concerts. The Pinstop is conveniently small and fits into any case or cello bag.

Jill Johnston

Siegen, Germany

Cellists, this new endpin stop is the real deal -- most reliable and elegant I've seen.

Ian Edlund

Cellist, Instrument Dealer and Clinician

Olympia, Washington

I love the convenience of the Pinstop. It easily fits into my teeny tiny black purse for symphony concerts and it is barely visible on stage when in use.

Kimberly Cole Feeney

President, CALASTA